Historic Indra Jatra festivities commence

Indra Jatra

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: Indra Jatra is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal and large masses participate in the long processions that throng the streets

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Designing your dream home made easy: 7TH Furniture & Furnishing Expo 2019.

KATHMANDU: The 7th expo for furniture and furnishing started at successful note yesterday in Bhrikutimandap. This yearly event is organized by Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association and managed by Event

Gai Jatra
Nepal celebrates Gaijatra: History of rich culture and heritage

The story behind this is heart rendering, and it is interesting to note that this festival as been an integral part of the Newar community imbibed and inculcated to fit

Gunsa: A village where children rule

Children here roam the village--rolling hoops, playing with hand-made toy cars and chungis made from grass. They toss and turn collecting mud, turn any round object they find in their

Biking Queens
Biking Queens riding to 25 countries carrying the message ‘Women’s Pride’

Dr. Sarika Mehta, founder of the group, and her fellow riders, Jinal Shah and Rutali Patel, will ride 25,000 kilometers through 25 countries in 90 days and conclude their journey

Kalimati vegetable market
Price of vegetable surges by 143 percent: Report

When the government is claiming that the hike in the price of daily use products is under control, the price of vegetables have skyrocketed by nearly 143 percent, according to

Masturbation: How good is it?

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual pleasure or arousal, usually to the point of orgasm. One may use hands, fingers, everyday objects and sex toys

Banned dog breeds
Banned dog breeds

Dogs have remained the best and most loyal friends of human since the early civilization. Dogs may vary on shapes and sizes depending on their breed. Owning a dog can

Nepali migrant workers, Migration and Development Brief, World Bank
Nepali migrant workers sent home 8.1 billion dollars in 2018: World Bank

Nepal is the 19th largest receiver of remittance around the world and fourth largest in South Asia, with Nepali migrant workers sending home $ 8.1 billion, according to Migration and

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