I am a Nepali, and I don’t like your money

-Reporter Nepal

PANKAJ THAPA: The date was 25th April, 2015 – just before 12 p.m., I along with millions of others watched buildings shake – while concrete

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Dhading, Dhamala
Moment to Cherish

Rishi Dhamala: The long-awaited suspense has finally been broken for the people of Nepal. After 23 years, Chinese president will be officially visiting Nepal starting from today. Grand preparations have

Unequivocal Ties: Future of Nepal’s relations with India and China

Rishi Dhamala: A yam between two boulders was what our founder King Prithvi Narayan Shah said. Nepal is trying to maneuver its way through its two giant neighbors maintaining a

Indo-Pak Conflict: Kashmir the epicenter

Bipin Deo: The root problem of Indo-Pak conflict is not procedural, it is structural. A knowledgeable foreign policy commentator, in a conversation, put it, “India has foreign policy and it

Ideologically Multipolar: Nepal’s fragile political system

People had immense faith after finally getting a constitution in a second attempt spending billions of rupees in the process. There was hope that the country had finally come out

Marijuana: Its enhancement toward well being

The use of, sale or possession of Marijuana is illegal in Nepal. It is known in our society as a dangerous drug, its consumption which leads to various deplorable incidents

An attack that changed contemporary world politics: 9/11 looking back 18 years

Nepali Reporter: While we in the East slept, the US was subjected to one of the most ghastly attacks in its entire history. 9/11 changed the course of contemporary world

Colossal Social Reformer: The Architect of Nepalese Democracy Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala

Nepal celebrates the 106th birth anniversary of its democratic legend, a national leader, and the architect of modern-day democracy.  Few would miss his name recorded in history as one of

Religion a prime agenda for the next Nepali Congress Leadership

News Analysis Reporters Club:  The leadership of the Nepali Congress is finding it excruciating to put a stop to the agenda of turning Nepal back into a Hindu nation. A

Failing Republic: Foreseeable return of Nepal as a Hindu nation along with a ceremonial Monarch

A recently published fictional account by Amar Bhushan “Inside Nepal” is creating hype among many Nepalese readers. Bhushan is the former director of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) India’s