Colossal Social Reformer: The Architect of Nepalese Democracy Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala

-Reporter Nepal

Nepal celebrates the 106th birth anniversary of its democratic legend, a national leader, and the architect of modern-day democracy.  Few would miss his name recorded

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Religion a prime agenda for the next Nepali Congress Leadership

News Analysis Reporters Club:  The leadership of the Nepali Congress is finding it excruciating to put a stop to the agenda of turning Nepal back into a Hindu nation. A

Failing Republic: Foreseeable return of Nepal as a Hindu nation along with a ceremonial Monarch

A recently published fictional account by Amar Bhushan “Inside Nepal” is creating hype among many Nepalese readers. Bhushan is the former director of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) India’s

The Equivalence of Justice and Injustice: Mind-bending suicide of Journo Salikram Pudasaini

Justice is a term too elaborate for the common human mind and in certain cases out of reach. It has been discussed through various theories, evolved along with humans through


Melancholic Living: Historical analysis of the Nepali political system – Birat Krishna Thapa  Years pass, times change, and so do people and their perception regarding life. History is witness to

Kashmir will rise

Abrogation of Article 370 marks the dawn of real politics in Kashmir. In the new era, Kashmiris can enjoy free and fair elections and equal rights alongside their fellow Indian

China-Pakistan diplomatic relation
Emerging differences between China and Pakistan

The recent ‘abandoning’ of Pulwama master-mind Masood Azhar by China is being seen as a symptom of the friction emerging between Pakistan and China. However, this seems more like an

India-Nepal bilateral relation
Namo 2.0 and Nepali equation

‘Aab ki baar tin soo paar!’ – This time beyond the three hundred mark. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told his party workers while campaigning for the general elections earlier

India-Pakistan unrest
South Asian nations should play active role to establish peace in the region

The international community, most of all the South Asian nations, should play proactive role in bringing India and Pakistan to the discussion table and play proactive role in assisting them

Nepal-India ties on right track

The India-Nepal relation reached a new height in the year 2018. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Nepal twice in August and May last year.