Missile strike in northern Syria kills 33

BEIRUT: A Syrian missile strike leveled a block of buildings in an impoverished district of Aleppo on Tuesday, killing at least 33 people, almost half

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Official: Cadaver dogs search in Kansas City blast

KANSAS CITY: Cadaver dogs searched through the smoldering rubble of a Kansas City restaurant after a gas explosion sparked a massive blaze Tuesday evening in an upscale shopping district. More

NKorean propaganda video shows Obama in flames

PYONGYANG, North Korea:  A new North Korean video portrays President Barack Obama and American troops in flames and says the North conducted its recent nuclear test because of U.S. hostility.

French soldier killed in Mali, 20 rebels dead

PARIS/DAKAR: A French soldier and more than 20 Islamist rebels were killed during what appeared to be the first clashes in the Adrar des Ifoghas mountain range where militants have

Tunisian PM quits after failing to form new government

TUNIS: Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali resigned on Tuesday after failing to replace a government pulled apart by acrimony between his Islamist allies and their secular opponents. Jebali had threatened

U.S. judge accepts BP collected 810,000 barrels in spill

LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO: A U.S. judge ruled on Tuesday that BP Plc recovered 810,000 barrels of oil from its 2010 spill site and that this amount should be excluded from certain

Britain and India to agree cyber crime joint taskforce

MUMBAI: Britain and India are expected to agree to set up a joint task force to fight cyber crime on Tuesday, a move London hopes will help it safeguard the

2 charged in Papua New Guinea ‘witch’ killing

SYDNEY: Papua New Guinea police have charged two people with the grisly killing of a woman who was tortured and burned alive in front of hundreds of people, including young

European Union slaps more sanctions on North Korea

BRUSSELS:  The European Union imposed trade and economic sanctions on North Korea while condemning “in the strongest terms” the nation’s latest nuclear test. The 27 EU finance ministers also demanded

Militants attack office in Pakistan, 5 killed

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: Militants wearing suicide vests and disguised as policemen attacked the office of a senior political official in northwestern Pakistan on Monday, killing five people, police and hospital officials said. In Pakistan’s