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Corruption, carelessness damaging Everest beauty

traffic jam on Mount Everest

However, the government’s biggest push to commercialize the world highest peak face criticisms for poor management and traffic jam and issuing of permits to more

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KP Oli BBC interview
Government will receive loan based on necessity and priority: PM Oli

On a query regarding Nepal's participation in Belt and Road Initiative, he responded, "We invite investors for investment. We receive loan according to our necessity and priority, not in a

Mount Everest
Nepal planning to rescale height of Mount Everest

According to Dongol the survey will provide the measurement with a centimeter level accuracy. “The data obtained from the surveys will be processed to produce the final result. We have

Khumbu Glacier
Melting glaciers exposing dead bodies on Mount Everest

KATHMANDU, March 26: As the ice sheets and glaciers are fast-melting because of global warming, the dead bodies on the world’s highest peak are now becoming exposed. Due to an inhospitable

Everest clean up
China closes Tibetan route to Mount Everest amid clean-up drive

The decision will drastically reduce the number of visitors on the Tibetan side as only 300 people with climbing passes will be allowed past a monastery just below the 5,200m

‘Unnecessary rescues’ soar in Nepal on profits from insurance payouts

Tourists hiking in Nepal's Himalayan mountains are being pressured into costly helicopter evacuations at the first sight of trouble by guides linked to powerful brokers who are making a fortune

Commercial mountaineering has turned Everest into high-altitude rubbish dump

In 2017 climbers in Nepal brought down nearly 25 tonnes of trash and 15 tonnes of human waste -- the equivalent of three double-decker buses -- according to the Sagarmatha

Mount Everest
Sagarmatha Day: Managing trash in Everest region is tall order

Managing the trash has become a tall order in the Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) region.

Nepal in process of coming up with ‘unquestionable’ measurement of world’s highest peak

Nepal, small but a naturally beautiful country in the Himalayan region takes great pride for being home to the Mount Everest, world’s highest mountain peak which stands at 8848 meters

Mount Everest
Nepal to measure Mount Everest next year to see if lost height

Nepal will measure Mount Everest afresh to settle a controversy over height of the world’s tallest peak, especially after some estimates suggested it became a little shorter in the wake