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India pours on the pageantry with colorful welcome for Trump

-Associated Press
Trump in India

More than 100,000 people packed into the world’s largest cricket stadium, giving Trump the biggest rally crowd of his political career, for the pinnacle of

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Iran offers $80 million bounty for Trump’s head: Reports

Iran has placed $80 million bounty on Donald Trump’s head in the wake of General Qasem Soleimani’s assassination, according to reports.

China fires back after Trump slaps tariffs on Chinese imports

China fired back Saturday in a spiraling trade dispute with President Donald Trump by raising import duties on a $34 billion list of American goods including soybeans, electric cars and

Trump claims success in Syria, but chemical weapons remain

President Donald Trump on Saturday declared “Mission Accomplished” for a US-led allied missile attack on Syria’s chemical weapons program, but the Pentagon said the pummeling of three chemical-related facilities left

Trump condemns Taliban role in Afghan attacks, says no talks

President Donald Trump told visiting members of the UN Security Council today the US would no longer talk with the Taliban following a recent string of deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

Trump says he’s ‘like, really smart,’ ‘a very stable genius’

President Donald Trump felt compelled Saturday to let the world know he’s playing with all his marbles and is among the sharpest cookies around.

Trump and Kim
Trump boasts of bigger ‘nuclear button’ than North Korea’s

President Donald Trump boasted Tuesday that he has a bigger and more powerful “nuclear button” than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump: If North Korea attacks US, it ‘will regret it fast’

President Donald Trump on Friday issued fresh threats of swift and forceful retaliation against nuclear North Korea, declaring the U.S. military “locked and loaded” and warning that the communist country’s

Trump checks a box on Russia but questions remain
Trump checks a box on Russia but questions remain

President Donald Trump did what he had to do: He confronted Vladimir Putin about the issue of Russian interference in last year’s U.S. elections during his much-anticipated first meeting with

Trump and Putin meet at international summit in Germany
Trump and Putin meet at international summit in Germany

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shared a brief encounter Friday ahead of their highly anticipated meeting on the sidelines of an international summit in Germany.